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How to Properly Communicate Your Charter School Brand [CHECKLIST]

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

As we've mentioned in previous posts, schools need to ensure communication remains a top priority. What good is the investment in branding if it won't be communicated? To avoid silence, map out a year-long communication calendar.

WHO: First, identify who you need to communicate with:


  • Board of Directors / Governing Board (current)

  • Staff and teachers

  • Students

  • Parents and their surrogates


  • Alumni

  • Board of Directors / Governing Board (past)

  • Business partners

  • District or Charter School Institute for your Sttate

  • Current students and parents

  • Volunteers

  • Your State's Association of Charter Schools


  • City services partners

  • Your State's Department of Education

  • Community (broad)

  • Community leaders

  • Cultural partners

  • Daycare/pre-school providers

  • Educational partners

  • Elected officials and legislators

  • Funders/philanthropists

  • Government agencies

  • Local businesses

  • Neighbors (narrow)

  • News media

  • Prospective students /parents

  • Teachers/principals at other schools in your network

  • Youth organizations

WHAT: Second, identify what you are communicating:

  • Back to school nights

  • Breaks/holidays

  • Your State's DOE School Performance Framework

  • Results

  • Choice deadlines

  • End of school-year communication

  • Graduation

  • Grant reports

  • Home visits

  • Newsletter

  • October count

  • Parent/teacher conferences

  • Planning and professional

  • development days

  • Prospective family open houses

  • Re-enrollment commitment

  • Report cards

  • School budgeting

  • School fundraiser

  • School sports

  • School trips

  • Staffing announcements

  • State student assessments

  • Student recruitment

  • Teacher appreciation

  • Volunteer appreciation

WHEN: Third, identify when you need to communicate:

Map out a year-long communications calendar August through July. When recording communication events on your calendar, be sure to indicate a targeted audience. In preparing your communication, review the list of questions below.

When designing communication for each audience, ask yourself…

  • What do we want this audience to do for us on this issue?

  • What does this audience know of this issue now?

  • What is the best way to reach this audience?

  • Who influences this audience on this issue?

  • What are the messages that will work for this audience on this issue?

  • What are the major barriers to accomplishing our goal with this audience? How can we overcome those barriers?


Are you a charter school management company? Let's talk about your brand strategy! Schedule a discovery call with us here:

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