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Charter School Marketing Tips from Branding Guys

All of our schools actively engage in marketing campaigns at some point throughout the year. Once we're done with the rebranding of a school, these are the recommendations we make to our clients and it's how we brand manage the relationship moving forward.

The DOs and DON'Ts When Marketing

  • Do be consistent by always using the same language we helped create to describe your school.

  • Do use approved photos (based on our photography style guide) of your students, teachers, and parents; ensure the photos reflect the diversity of your school and are of high-quality.

  • Do feature testimonials from students, teachers, and parents using the CANVA social media templates we created.

  • Do emphasize the "unique" offering your school provides that others can't.

  • Don’t use acronyms or education jargon.

  • Don’t make errors in grammar or spelling; have at least two people proofread all information to avoid errors.

  • Don’t embellish your program or school.

  • Don’t make disparaging remarks about other schools.

  • Don’t use poor quality photos (can't stress this enough).

The Essentials of Branding Every School Should Have

  • An engaging website with fresh content promoting positive news and the school’s value proposition

  • High-quality photos and logo

  • A kid-centric décor

Consider investments in the following:

  • Glossy one-sheet

  • Brochure

  • Signage (permanent and portable)

  • Newsletter (hard copy and/or electronic)

  • Door hangers

  • Direct mail piece

  • Video

Launch your marketing efforts by:

  • Offering tours, conducting open houses, offering shadow days

  • Participating in recruitment fairs

  • Initiating a door-to-door recruitment effort

  • Doing a direct mail, email, or phone campaign

  • Enlisting the help of a branding and professionals


Are you a charter school management company? Let's talk about your brand strategy! Schedule a discovery call with us here:


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