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Get More Applications by Nurturing Leads with Drip Email Marketing

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

The modern charter school admission office has become very automated. By leveraging technology, admission officers have been able to do more with fewer resources: staff, money, and time. The infusion of technology and automation doesn't have to mean the disappearance of the ‘personal’ touch that all admission offices hold in high regard.

This is where lead nurturing for schools enters the picture.

One of the technologies that we implement with our clients is lead nurturing emails.

Lead nurturing, as defined by Wikipedia, is:

Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time...Drip marketing can be used as a function of the lead generation and qualification process. Specifically, drip marketing constitutes an automated follow-up method that can augment or replace personal lead follow-up. Often called Autoresponders, new leads are automatically enrolled into a drip marketing campaign with messaging relevant to the call-to-action from which the lead came. This is also known as lead nurturing.

Why Charter Schools Use Lead Nurturing Emails?

We implement lead-nurturing emails with our clients for a few reasons.

  1. TOP OF MIND: Applying to a charter school involves an incredibly long sales cycle. If you inquire in the summer before admissions open, that delay could be months. Similarly, when applications open up, there's a delay in approval, and we want to stay top of mind, but without stalking them. Also, if they apply after the wait-list opens, we want to keep in touch, but without annoying them (since they are already anxious that they are on the wait-list). We believe that lead nurturing emails allow schools to be involved with their prospective families without being a nuisance to them.

  2. MORE COMMUNICATION: Communication and touchpoints are key in sales. Another reason we implement lead nurturing emails with our clients is that they offer an additional layer of personalization that they couldn't necessarily achieve with contact from their admission office. When a family inquiries at your school, they really have two pipelines they enter - and the goal of each is to get the family to visit the school. Our belief is that if schools can get them to visit, it will help them advance into the next enrollment stage.

  3. MORE GUIDANCE: The final reason charter schools need to implement lead nurturing emails is that email is an easy vehicle that allows you to be more helpful to your prospective families. Email is an opportunity for prospective families learn about the admission process, the school, the principal, and the vision and mission. As a result, you're sending families helpful information that will educate them and make their research of your school easier.

How To Use Lead Nurturing for Charter Schools

We hope that you're sold on using lead nurturing emails in the admission office. If you are, the next logical question is: how do you use this type of email in your office?

As mentioned earlier we've created two pipelines prospective families move through after they inquiry at a school.

The first pipeline is the personal interaction pipeline in which they receive personal contact from the admission office. It's likely you're already doing this as each application arrives.

The second pipeline is your lead nurturing pipeline in which each prospective family receives a series of emails with the goal of helping them learn more about your school and, in the end, hopefully, visit your school.

Within your second pipeline, segment your lead nurturing emails into three campaigns:

  1. Kindergarten

  2. Middle School

  3. High School

(If you don't have a K-12, then you'll only have segments that apply to your school)

While there are certain emails that all three segments receive, there are certain emails that are specific and targeted for each division of the school.

An example 39-day lead nurturing campaign for Kindergarten:

​0 Day

​Initial Inquiry

2 Day Delay

​Send your School Video

​7 Day Delay

Send a Free Guide PDF with a title like "25 Questions to Help You Evaluate a School for Your Child".

​5 Day Delay

​Send the answers to all 25 questions from the PDF you offered 5 days earlier.

5 Day Delay

Send a collection of blogs written by the principal reflecting the mission and core values (links to blogs on your site).

​5 Day Delay

Send a link pointing them to your Academic Program Chart (a well-designed infographic) driving them back to a blog or page on your website. The purpose is to educate them as well as get them back to your website.

​7 Day Delay

Send a link pointing them to a series of blog posts explaining your daily academic schedule on your blog. The purpose is to educate them about your daily academic schedule as well as keep them close to the application button on your site.

7 Day Delay

Finally, send a link pointing them to your "Meet the Teachers" page on your website highlighting a few of your teachers.

There are more emails you can send, and there are variations to the series above, but you get the gist.

Oh, and don't forget the call to action. The call to action within each email is to either call, apply, schedule a visit, attend an in-person or virtual open house, or attend a webinar you're hosting. There must be something you're asking them to do over and over so they get the point.

Are you convinced of the possibilities to lead nurturing?

I hope you now understand what lead nurturing is and one way in which you can implement this tool in your charter school admission office. I also hope that creative juices are flowing as you try to think of emails that you can send to prospective families making the case for your school.

Have you implemented lead nurturing at your school? Can you share any lessons you've learned? Please use the comments section below to share with other readers.

If you want to speak to us about implementing lead nurturing in to your charter school, please schedule a discovery call with us here: EB - 30-Min Book a Call

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