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Case Study: COHEA’s Path to Building Their Charter School Brand Identity

The City of Hialeah Educational Academy, also known as COHEA, was established to provide high quality, rigorous, and career-oriented curriculum that will prepare students for successful progression into post-secondary education and productive employment within a multilingual work environment.

However, they soon realized that they were facing a significant challenge in building their brand identity. This is where we stepped into helping them establish a proper brand that accurately reflected their vision and values.

Cristina, the director of the Mass Communication program, said:

“At the beginning, there was a little bit of, you know, confusion with the name recognition, with the crest. We have so many different crests, even in our school uniform. The one we have today looks completely different to the first that we had. The mascot, like you said, when I first started my program eight years ago, we got the rebranding four years ago. So the first four years, I was even confused”

“So, we are well known in the community, people know who we were. But some people knew us as EA, some people knew us as HEA, some people knew us as the City of Hialeah Educational Academy. It really wasn't until Educational Brands came in, that you guys said, okay, if we are going to change the name we got to stick to it.”

Our team began by conducting extensive research on COHEA's mission and values. We then analyzed the school's target audience, including parents, students, and the community, to better understand their needs and expectations. Based on our research, we created a comprehensive branding strategy that focused on developing a unique brand identity that would help COHEA stand out as a brand.

To achieve this goal, we established a name for the school that would be recognizable and known by the entire community of students, parents, and staff. We designed a new logo for COHEA that would capture the school's values of excellence, creativity, and innovation. We chose a modern design that was both bold and distinctive, reflecting the school's commitment to providing high-quality education while also being approachable and welcoming to students and parents.

In addition to the logo, we developed a comprehensive set of branding guidelines defining COHEA's identity. To help COHEA establish its brand identity, we created a new website that was visually appealing, easy to navigate and provided valuable information to students and parents. We also created social media templates for the school to build a strong online presence and cohesive vision from its branding through different social media platforms.

The results of our branding efforts were remarkable. COHEA's new brand identity was well-received by students, parents, and the community and helped the school to stand out in a crowded education marketplace.

In conclusion, building a strong brand identity is critical for any organization, including charter schools like COHEA. By working closely with our team, COHEA established a unique and engaging brand identity that accurately reflects its mission and values.

To watch the entire case study, click here.

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