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Branded Zoom Backgrounds: How Charter Schools Get Virtually Creative

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

In a world where so many people are working remotely, Zoom meetings are now commonplace.

Schools are hosting staff school meetings, virtual classes, and even parent meetings on Zoom. During most virtual meetings, we lose touch on maintaining our brand and its key touchpoints go missing. Even on Zoom, there's an opportunity to brand your charter school through a branded virtual background by showing your school logo and visual brand identity.

Here are ideas and design rules for using branded Zoom virtual backgrounds.

Show Your Architecture

Do you have a beautiful or iconic school design? Have a professional photographer take pictures with dramatic angles and turn those into zoom backgrounds.

WARNING: Put your logos to the left and the right, not in the center where YOU belong :-)

Show Your Holiday Spirit

During Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year, we send our clients branded Zoom backgrounds they can use to show their holiday cheer.

Corporate Backdrops

At the very least, your school needs to have branded backdrops for everyday use. Remember to always put your school name and logo on the left and right sides. Balance the design out with one on each side.


Need Brand Management?

Educational Brands goes deep with our clients, even to the extent of designing zoom backgrounds. If you need branding (or rebranding) help, let's jump on a call.

Schedule a Discovery Call with us here.

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