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The Importance of a Good Team Mascot in Charter School Branding [Sample SWAG]

You see them everywhere, including during events, sports games, tradeshows, social media platforms, commercials, and schools. Mascots are a popular way to fire up crowds and give a team identity, as well as custom jerseys.

Below are the reasons why your charter school should incorporate a mascot into your branding strategy.

1) Additional Revenue Streams

Mascots help generate extra revenue for your team from selling related merchandise. A mascot also helps increase sales for your sports team by having it sent out at community events.

2) Mascots Add Personality

There is more to creating a brand personality than reaching out to your target audience with the right message. A mascot helps give your team character, personality, and a face. It becomes easy to establish a physical and emotional connection with your audience, to help differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

Adding a mascot into your marketing mix helps develop a personality aligned with your mascot and makes your brand look friendly.

Every time you think of your favorite team, their mascot comes into your mind. A mascot gives your team its identity.

3) Mascots Can Give You a Competitive Edge on Social Media

Mascots have a unique way of engaging and entertaining your students, parents, and staff to help build a personality in a way not possible through a corporate social media site. It is more likely that your audience will engage more with your mascot than they would with a real person employed by that company.

4) Mascots Entertain and Engage

Besides engaging the social media audience, mascots provide a forum for real-time entertainment. Mascots draw masses closer wherever they go and become a spectacle that makes people wait to see greater anticipation. Mascots are larger-than-life characters who have a way of engaging crowds, which is second to none.


Need a New Mascot Design?

A new school year is always right around the corner and students, along with their parents, will be flooding your school. When do you need to start planning for a rebranding of your mascot? Today! It's always the perfect time to plan to showcase new branded school swag to welcome students.

Schedule a Discovery Call with us here.

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