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Pinecrest Network Logo

Educating Tomorrow's
Global Leaders

Brand Development for Pinecrest Academy Network of Charter Schools.




As a national network of high-performing charter schools, Pinecrest Academy, Inc. is motivated by the mission of creating educating tomorrow’s global leaders.  Our work with Pinecrest has included partnering with school networks in Miami and Orlando. For each network of schools, we have provided brand strategy, designed engaging collateral, created clever enrollment campaigns, and continue to work with the network and each school on overall marketing strategy and on the design and development of marketing and administrative materials that further support areas of growth in brand awareness, enrollment, and staff recruitment.

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Pinecrest Network Logo

“Educational Brand’s desire to understand Pinecrest’s culture, storied history, and the education landscape within which we work has resulted in a brand that is cohesive, instills trust, and genuinely portrays our academic excellence. Their work has allowed us to reach more students, recruit talented teachers and leaders, and unify all of our schools in one strong brand.”

Carlos Alvarez, Board Chairman,

Pinecrest Academy, Inc.



Through the partnership with networks in South and Central Florida, we’ve equipped each network with clear and confident brand messaging and creative deliverables that bolster efforts in the recruitment of top-tier teachers and staff, increase demand for enrollment, and strengthen brand trust in the community. Most importantly, each network of schools continues to grow and are stronger than ever in their mission of guiding students to becoming global leaders.

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Pinecrest Lakes Logo
Pinecrest Network Color Logo
Pinecrest North Logo
Pinecrest Tavares Logo
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Brand Identity


Our work with the network focused on enhancing and bolstering three key areas: brand unity, brand awareness, and brand equity. We have partnered extensively with members of the board of directors to design and develop administrative collateral, signage/artwork, and asset management - all of which serve the organization’s mission of having a strong, positive impact on their respective communities, parents, and educators and their commitment to preparing lifelong learners.

Brand Expression


In our efforts to help Pinecrest create brand equity, it was important for us to create high-quality swag to earn extra brand impressions, build awareness, cultivate strong company culture, and build a good rapport between the network brand and the communities in which each school serves.  Designs and items selected truly represent the organization and keep the board’s culture at the forefront.

Pinecrest Summit 2021 Logo

Event Branding


After establishing the network’s new brand, we partnered with Pinecrest to plan the brands for their annual conference and planning events.  Event Branding was much more than a logo.  Essential elements included: color themes, swag gifts, agendas, brand banners, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Brand Uniformity


Unifying a network of 20+ schools that all had different logos was no small feat, and for this reason, we had to help Pinecrest create standards and guidelines that would be accepted and adopted across schools that have been operating for years under a different logo and brand style.  After working with an initial group of schools, we were able to create a network guideline that would unify the brand, create “best practices” established by the board, and continue the culture of excellence that Pinecrest is known for.

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